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Do I have to cut coolant lines to repair a leaky drip pan?


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Jan 19, 2016
Powder Springs, GA 30127
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Hello, when the A/C is running water drips out of the blue circled area and it misses the drip catch pan underneath the entire unit.

So the access panel on the right come off partially but is blocked by the length of PVC and the larger coolant line. The other panel has both coolant lines coming out of it and I would have to cut them to get it off. Or is it feasible for me to cut the doors with a cutting wheel or manual saw as I outlined in red so that I can slip the doors over the copper and PVC piping to access the drip pan?

Can't I just tape extra where I remove the metal from the panels when reinstalling? Is there a chance to reseal the pan with some type of sealant like Flex seal or similar product? Please let me know if I'm about to make a mess or if this suggested to to stop my leaky AC unit which drips so much that it leaks through the ceiling. Thanks in advance!


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