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Does a new evaporator fan WR60X2686 *need* updating with sum module for GE FF CYE23TSDCSS?


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Jul 29, 2023
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6-10 years
The fridge section of my GE CYE23TSDCSS fridge freezer is warm while the freezer section is still ok. After doing some googling and forum searches people said it was likely a broken evaporator fan.
I found on this forum some link how to get diagnostics information and the 0047 FF fact test result was 0 (the FZ fan test was 2348 and the condenser fan test 1599).

So the replacement part for my model is WR60X26866.
A few people have said that for this particular evaporator fan it needs updating using the sum module (part WR98R4546322).
My question is: is it ok to install a new evaporator fan without updating it using the sum module? It would still work? Maybe just not at optimal efficiency?

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The reason I am asking is that it seems (from online searching) that the ethernet port for the software update is located on the top of the appliance. However I can't access it because the appliance is so snugly fitted into the kitchen cabinetry that there is no gap at the top to be able to reach in to be able to use the ethernet port. And I'm unable to drag it out from its location - apart from it being very heavy, any attempt to force drag it out would result in its feet scratching the posh wooden flooring on which its resting, and its not possible to tilt it back to put a cloth under the feet before dragging it out. Its well and truly immovable, so I have no way of accessing the ethernet port.

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Just install the WR60X26866 fan motor if bad and don't worry about any updates. You will be good to go!
We replaced the evap fan WR60X26866 on our GE GFE29HGDHWW just over a month ago when the fridge was not cooling and the freezer dropping below 0. The technician also did an update. Here we are 5 weeks later and the same thing is happening. Fridge is 54 with the very bottom deli drawer freezing food, the freezer -3 to -5. I came across a service bulletin saying our model refrigerator should be using the evap fan WR60X29099. This service bulletin is dated June 2018, REF03-18 saying it supersedes REF05-15 from June 2015 which is yet a different kit number. Is it possible we need an updated fan??


  • REF03-18 - REF03-18 GE Refrigerator Bulletin Fresh Food Evaporator Fan Contributing to Warm Te...pdf
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GE own site says it take's the WR60X35205 7 Blade Evaporator Refrigerator Fan Motor. Should be able to use with no update is what I am finding now! Original fan motor properly had 3 Blades! Is the one in there working?
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