Don't buy anything from Home Depot


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Dec 14, 2006
I just wanted to share my experience with everyone on my latest big purchase at Home Depot. I purchased a new GE washer and dryer during one of their sales. Of course at the time everyone had washers and dryers on sale. But I chose Home Depot. What a mistake. They promised me a $50 gift card and a rebate for the delivery. I am still waiting for both. The purchase was made three months ago. When I called to find out the status of the gift card, they told me I wasn’t eligible. Luckily I have copies of all the paperwork and after faxing them back in. I was then notified that I would be receiving a $25 gift card. So after another hour on the phone, they supposedly rectified the problem. I’m still waiting. As for the rebate, another hour phone conversation and more faxing, I’m still waiting. Don’t buy anything from Home Depot. Buy your stuff from Lowes or Sears. Thanks for hearing me out, if anyone else has had a similar situation I’d love to hear it.