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FIXED DPVH890EJ0MG runs about 10 minutes on sensor dry then stops


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Oct 21, 2017
Model Number
6-10 years
dryer will run and heat for about 10 - 20 minutes then stops with start button flashing. hit start and runs again immediately for about 5-10 seconds. this action is repeatable. IF your let dryer cool for 30 minutes -- this cycle will repeat itself.
Read all the blogs on this dryer forum - replaced inner and outer thermistors. same problem. dryer is clean, no errors, ran diagnostics - everything looks good. blower fan runs - diag says open exhaust. If I block exhaust vent output with hand - blower increases speed. when dryer is running exhaust air out is around 90 F. inside drum is about 150 F. door switch is new. what could this problem be - ready to throw this dryer away. Only thing I see that could stop dryer from wiring schematic would be blower motor signal. anyway to check this signal ?
found issue - external blower motor (WE17M45). This blower fan motor gets hot from bad bearing or dust and motor heat sensor trips causing no air output. theres a rpm sensor on back of this fan motor that tells main control board what the fan motor is doing. When fan motor heat sensor trips - NO RPM and main control board shuts dryer down. You can restart dryer but 5 seconds later its shuts down because of no blower RPMs. Bad design and bad company. This part is no longer available - dryer is JUNK.
Glad to hear you found the problem. Sorry to hear that blower motor is No Longer Available.

Thanks for the update!
I agree 100% with you on that too!
update on dryer blower motor. about to take blower motor apart and checked 5uF capacitor - it was BAD (measured 1 uF) replaced it and dryer is working like new again. When this cap is out of tolerance it makes the motor run very hot (over 200 F) and the over limit sensor on the motor shuts the motor off. Dryer then stops but gives no error code. Horrible design again by GE
Excellent, good find.(y)

Here's the Capacitor in case others need it too: Run Capacitor WH12X10513

Thanks for the update!
that's the run capacitor for the drum motor. This dryer is a GE over engineered dryer - has a separate motor for the blower (air). The blower motor run capacitor is a 5 uF. Originally I thought this was a variable speed DC motor - its not. It was varying speeds cause the cap was bad. I spent way too many hours on this dryer finding the fault ! This blower motor looks robust in design and build - bet most repairmen are replacing the motor when in fact the cap is bad.
Ok, I see it now on the blower motor assembly WE17M45

Thanks for clarifying that.(y)

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