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Dryer motor starts to buzz when running.


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Jun 13, 2023
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More than 10 years
Maytag Model PYE2300AZW. We bought this used a few years ago. Recently it has had trouble starting with a large heavy load, buzzing longer than normal when the knob is pushed, occasionally needing to turn the load a little by hand before it will start. Now, even with a normal load, the motor will get louder about 2/3 through the cycle with a buzzing sound. As if it's dropped back to the start winding. I thought the motor was overheating and cleaned out the accumulation of lint inside between the filter and fan, but it didn't help. The exhaust ducting is not clogged and flows freely. Usually after the motor gets louder I open the door and let it cool down, then resume and the cycle finishes normally. Sometimes when I open the door the clothes are dry but hot, so I unload it without cool down. If I let a full dried load run on the no heat fluff cycle, it will run over an hour without the motor starting to buzz.

I'm thinking the motor is getting weak and can't tumble a large heavy wet load long enough to dry it and slows down, engaging the start winding. But a new motor costs more than another used dryer. I have not checked and cleaned to motor itself yet because removing and replacing the drum is quite a chore. Any ideas short of replacing the motor or another used dryer?

There are rear drum support rollers and front drum slides that if worn could cause added strain on the motor. More so with heavy loads.

The drum rollers are discontinued but there care some aftermarket ones available at the following link.

LINK > Rear Drum Support Roller Kit LA-1008

You can see the replacement front drum slides here:

LINK > Front Drum Support Glides 12002126

If they aren't the cause the motor itself quite possibly is.

Dan O.
The drive motor is at fault, you are hearing the start winding struggle and eventually kick in, normal wear and tear can also be caused by compaction of lint due to poor exhaust venting.

with the dryer EMPTY and on TIMED dry, remove the exhaust vent (silver pipe) and feel the air /heat in the back of the exhaust, then reattach and GO OUTSIDE, run the same test, the air should feel close to the same, any major drop in temperature equals resistance to air flow


Google search online this part number for local part pricing and availability

not your exact model, but basic parts install
dryer motor bearings will wear and consequently will make the motor buzzing noise. It will only get worse and then the motor won't start at all.
I've never seen a motor with worn out ball bearings. Either they're broken and the motor is locked up, or they're fine. Since a new motor is 4x or more the cost of a used dryer, that's no go, Next time I have it open, I'll clean the motor and check the drum support wheels and glides.
oldyellr - you must not work on many dryers then. I replace dryer motors weekly and see bad sleeve bearings a lot. Most dryer motors have sleeve bearings and they wear due to high moisture areas or overloaded dryers that wear the motor bearings out. A lot of washer motors also have sleeve bearings which go bad. Most appliances that are set up in basements without de-humidifiers don't last that long due to the high moisture rusting out the mechanics of the appliance.
Thanks. I've had a few dryers but did not know the motors only used bushings instead of bearings. That does not seem adequate for the purpose. I'll check for any play next time I'm in there. I've never noticed any squeaks or rattles other than the buzzing.
bad sleeve bearings in a dryer motor usually don't squeak or rattle. telltale sign is buzzing noise that gets louder as it runs (motor heats up making the gap bigger - shaft to sleeve area). motor can last for a while but eventually will not start - just loud buzzing (humming) noise. When bearings first start to fail - you can hear buzzing (humming) noise on start up. When that noise gets louder over time - You klnow the bearings are going. Just a matter of time before the motor won't start at all.
@ajshoe Looks like your diagnosis is right on the money. We'll be looking for another $100 dryer. No sense throwing a $400 motor at it. :(
If you like challenges - EBAY has used ones, make sure you check the ratings and return policy
A replacement dryer motor in Canada would be about $400 CAD shipped. I found something on eBay for $120, but uncertain if it would be a plug-and-play replacement and not worth it if I can get another used dryer for $100. But then I started thinking, what would I do back in the day? I would replace the bushings of course! That would cost under $20. I looked on YouTube to see if anyone had done this and came across this. The guy just turned the motor in his 40-year-old buzzing dryer 90° so the load on the shaft is on an unworn area of the bushing. That'smy next step and will get me another few years.
good luck on that - not worth the effort as that FIX will not last long. If you do that FIX - recommend taking the end caps off the motor and oil the sleeves heavily. Temporary FIX in my opinion. The sleeves are NOT easily replaceable.
We're now avoiding large wet loads and setting the dial half-way between More Dry and Less Dry instead of always More Dry like we used to. The loads are finishing normally without starting to buzz. The hack will be a last resort if it gets worse and we can't find a used dryer at a reasonable cost.
It's been over a month since I turned the motor 90 degrees. I did not detect any side play in the shaft but I did it anyway. I had to cut away a tab on hard rubber mounting ring after turning which interfered with mounting clip and reroute some wires. While I was in there I cleaned out the remaining lint in the motor. So far the dryer has been working perfectly with no motor buzzing even after 2 or 3 consecutive loads. I can't see that turning the motor could have made the difference because there was no shaft side play, but maybe cleaning out the rest of the lint made a difference.

Sometimes the rubber end bells wear or crack and causes issues.



If needed:


LINK> Dryer Drive Motor

jeff sr.
Well, let's put this thing to bed. While the problem seemed to go away after all I did, including cleaning out the exhaust duct, it did gradually get worse with the motor getting louder and buzzing too long when starting after a couple of heavy loads. (We are a family of seven and laundry gets done almost every day.) Eventually it would not start and required a long cool-down before it did and finally never started at all. Seeing as it was over 20 years old (bought used maybe 10 years ago) it made sense to not waste any more time on it and we picked up a 6-year-old Maytag dryer for $150 which starts instantly and runs nice and quiet. I'm surprised nobody here suggested I quit flogging a dead horse. ;)

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