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FIXED Dryer Not Heating - Blomberg DV17542


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Jun 19, 2022
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1-5 years
Hello all,

I think I overloaded the dryer. While drying 2 small rugs the heat suddenly stopped and the air was cool. The belt must have slipped because I could smell burnt rubber and saw a little bit of smoke. Does anyone have any idea as to what might have caused the heating element to fail or trip? The dryer is equipped with a capacitor and I checked & cycled the circuit breaker panel in the house. I found a post online that said to hold the start button in for 3 seconds while opening the dryer door but the issue remains.

Are there any other button reset combinations that I can try, if not did the heating element just decide to give up at that very moment?

Thank you.
The issue has been fixed!

A huge thanks Dan O.!! You saved me a few hundred dollars and a few extra days of waiting for the appliance tech to come back with the part once he identified the issue. I had a house-call scheduled for tomorrow and by having looked at the FAQ I fixed the issue myself. After reading it I was 99% sure that it was the thermal safety limiter on the heating/thermostat assembly unit for my dryer. I was able to order, pick up and install the unit within an hour and it only cost me $110 CDN. Big win for this happy camper, thanks!

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