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Dryer runs for 10 minutes, stops, buzzes


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Dec 15, 2013
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Over the past few weeks some issues have come up.

The first; the dryer starts, runs, and heats but will stop after 10 minutes. When I try to restart the cycle it might start again or it might make a buzzing noise. If I leave the dryer alone for 30 minutes and try again it has a high likelihood that it will start again.

The second issue; sometimes while running the dryer will make a very high pitched squealing sound.

I opened the dryer and removed the drum. I thoroughly cleaned the inside of the dryer. The blower fan spins freely without any obstruction. The motor shaft also spins easily and doesn't have any hitches. The drum looks fine as well as the belt - no frays or cracks. To be clear, the dryer is not put back together. I was hoping to find something lodged in the motor/blower that would solve my problem. I did not see anything obvious (besides lint).

Based upon my internet searches it seems like the motor needs to be replaced. Because it's a costly repair ($100+) is it worth fixing? Should I purchase another used dryer for less than $100 and take my chances? Or should I replace the motor and hope that solves everything.

What do you think?

New motor and new dryer....the rest of the dryer would have to be inspected ( belt, glides, rollers ) to see if worth puting a motor in or not...

Drive-Motor-2200376-00852715.jpg Drive motor assembly with pulley Manufacturer part number 2200376

Thanks for the quick reply! I guess it's good bye to this dryer. I'll try to find a locally owned used one.

Any advice on which brand to shoot for?

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