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DU1055XTVS2 Whirlpool Quiet Parter II is Loud Buzzing Partner


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Dec 5, 2022
Washington, DC
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6-10 years

I noticed the past few months my dishes weren't as clean as they used to with some white deposits on silverware. I planned on doing a cleaning at some point but didn't get around to it, especially because the manual I have is so totally useless and my Google fu wasn't pulling up much. Today I loaded a normal load of dishes and fought with a slightly fat detergent pod in the detergent dispenser, finally able to force the panel closed. When I ran it, when the water is going, it makes an awful buzzing noise (but other when I hear water moving in the dishwasher). It starts and stops fine, nothing is in the way of components moving, water drains, and the dishes are washed albeit a bit filmy, and when I opened it to check what was buzzing after canceling/draining it, I noticed it had immediately dumped the detergent minutes into the wash; I don't know if that's normal or not. I'm a systems engineer so I can fix computer stuff no problem, I've built computers, but I've rarely tried my hand at appliances. Your blog came up when I researched the problem and I found two slightly similar cases, the closest one seems to be this:

However, I can't determine where the buzzing comes from, so the jury is still out on if it's the dispenser and the control panel, just the control panel, or maybe bearings in the spinner arm thingies since it only seems to buzz when I hear water running. I would be perfectly comfortable replacing the control panel or other parts I can reach after turning off power and water, but do not want to throw too much money at an old appliance if I cannot accurately diagnose it. I'm also a small person, so having to fix it by pulling it out and all that may be out of the question. Will someone help me buy the parts with some guarantee that I can return whatever doesn't help if I've given enough information to diagnose? I could not find any diagnostic capabilities on this model.

Thank you in advance,


Video of the Loud Parter II https://photos.app.goo.gl/FL8FTTBtpGtNKpG29
Hi Diana, sounds more like you possibly have a foreign object in the chopper blade screen or the motor bearing is going bad. Do a short wash with nothing in the dishwasher, and with no detergent pod in the detergent compartment and see if it still makes that sound, also do a Rinse and Hold and see if the buzz is still present.

If the buzz is still present, then it does not sound like its coming from the detergent dispenser.

I'd first check your sump basin and chopper screen for any foreign object that might be making it buzz, also check the black flapper check valve in the video below as well.

Watch this video below first, Paul tells you what to check in the sump basin and chopper screen :

Check your chopper screen blade assembly to make sure its not broken also.

Here's the chopper screen assembly for your model:
Food Chopper Assembly W10083957V

Here's the video to check/change it:

Let us know what you find.
Ah! Troubleshooting to find out what's broken first! So this kinda like fixing computers ... I can do that! I'll report back this week. Thanks so much for giving me a lead.
Ok, sounds good.:)
OK. So. That was really gross and I did get some stuff out of the basin where the chopper assembly was (it seemed to be fine) but before then I ran the dishwasher like you said and could not reproduce the buzzing noise. There is now condensation where the window is to gauge amount of rinse aid which I've never seen before. I'm going to try and run the dishwasher again normally now that I've taken it apart and put it back together hopefully correctly without it exploding or leaking water everywhere.

Also this was like. So not the same as fixing a computer. Taking stuff out and everything was all awkward and difficult and hard work and sweat and the door was in the way of everything. Mad respect.
Good job Diana.(y)

So the buzzing noise is gone and its back to normal?
My guess would be the dispenser is actually broken cause the condensation is new. But I think it's broken in a way where whatever was making the buzzing noise is no longer attempting to send voltage or something? But I also feel like the dispenser is not a necessary component of the dishwasher.

Whatever it was. I can no longer replicate it.
The detergent dispenser solenoid should be getting 120 volts to it from the control board when it opens to let the detergent out.

I posted a link to it here with a video:
That Kenmore in that thread is made by Whirlpool and uses the exact same detergent dispenser as yours.

Yes, it may be broken internally leaking condensation into it.
Thanks Jake! When I'm feeling brave I'll fiddle with the dispenser; right now it's working well enough that I can tough it out. Thanks much!!
Ok, sounds good Diana.:)

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