Duet dryer GEW9250PW0 issue & repair


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Jul 27, 2010
Issue: Control either does not respond at all, or does but automatic cycles do not work, and some controls (heat and cancel) are non responsive.

Temporary solution: Cut the power for a little while, and pray. Eventually, it stopped working altogether.

Repair tech from where we purchased did not know what the issue was, suggested trial and error on parts, my dime for parts and labor. Not interested.

After lurking across different pages in this forum, I found that my issue with the dryer was not that uncommon. After a lot of reading, I pulled the trigger on ordering two parts, AP3775978 electronic display controls, and AP3775548 electronic control assembly. Appliance Parts Pros.com has AMAZINGLY fast shipping as these parts were ordered Saturday afternoon and they arrived today (Tueday).

Replacing the electronic display took about an hour and a half, and that's because I was super careful taking the old parts out. New part in, and it works like a dream, just as it is supposed to. I will hang onto the other part for a couple of days, to make sure we have smooth sailing, and then look to return it.

I wanted to post this to help anyone else who might be having the same issue, as well as to say thank you to everyone who wrote the posts I got information from. A big thank you to Jake, as it was the links you provided in multiple posts that got me going in the right direction for parts.

I'll be sure to look here for any other appliance problems I might have in the future. As well as any friends and family that might run into trouble along the way.

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Aug 24, 2004
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Thanks Matt for the great testimonial.:)

Glad our site helped you fix it yourself, and save all the labor money.:)