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DV218AEW/XAA Samsung dryer, runs, but no heat, no codes?

Nov 11, 2016
New York
Model Number
6-10 years
My samsung dryer tumbles but there is no heat. In sensor dry mode the 'dry level' light is one, but in manual dry mode it is off. Normally I can select either less, normal, or more dry in manual dry mode. I check the circuit breaker and it was OK. The power cord is relatively new and looking around on the interior there is no obvious fried wires etc.

The dryer is blowing air normally and the vent to the outside is not blocked. I replaced the heating element even though there was no obvious break in the wire. Checking the old and the new heating element with ohm meter, I get 9.5 ohms. Checking against the frame I get 0 so no short to teh frame. I checked the high and low limit thermostats and they were ~0.1 ohms.

I checked the thermistor and thermal fuse on the blower unit and they seem ok too. I have read that there are some diagnostic codes, but I dont see anything displayed. I dont know if I have to enter a test mode to access the codes, or they are displayed when there is a problem any way. At this point, I am thinking the problem is with the control board but I dont know how to test it. help!!