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DV22K6800EW/AC Samsung Dryer not heating


Mar 23, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
Hey all,
I thought I'd pitch in with my Samsung dryer issue, to add to the huge database of problems (and, hopefully, solutions) collectively posted to this forum for the benefit of all members/readers.
My dryer, model DV22K6800EW/AC, about three to four months ago, started to take a very long time to dry a load of laundry (wife noticed that right away, but I dismissed her complaint as subjective - ha!), and a couple of weeks ago, dryer completely stopped heating (drying) at all.
As a matter of facts, only now, that the dryer stopped drying, I retrospectively understood that the long time it took to dry a batch of laundry had to do with the progressive depreciation of the thermostats (there are two, actually), and I have the feeling that one of them had given up at that time, therefor the other one sending the wrong signal to the board, (I'm not certain if they work in tandem, like in series, or separately, in a "cumulative" way, so to speak - nowhere to find how this works as a circuitry logic).
At first, I suspected the heating coil might be burnt, but after I opened the dryer, I measured the coil and there is continuity to the coil (so that's good), therefor I checked the two "buttons" mounted at the exhaust side of the heating unit assembly, and there is no resistance to neither one of those (in case these are thermistors and not fuses).
I did an extensive research about those two parts (pictures attached), to find out if those are thermal fuses, thermostats or thermistors, but I simply was not able to find any specific information about them in none of the articles I was able to find.
Next step was to try to buy the entire heating assembly. but this has been discontinued as a spare part and there is nowhere to find one to buy, so I am left with a non working dryer and unable to repair it.
This is the very reason I am posting this article. I need to know if someone can help me figure out if those two "button" parts are thermostats, thermal fuses, thermistors or what type of electronics, and secondly, because it is impossible to find the exactly matching parts (Samsung said they do not have those parts as separate replacement items, you have to buy the entire heating assembly), I would like to know if I can replace them with other parts, and if yes, what are the tech parameters for the replacements (resistance value or alike). All the parts I was able to find, while "looking" almost similar, have the prongs upright (perpendicular to the body of the part), while my original parts have the prongs "flat", parallel to the part. Moreover, I don't know if these parts suppose to have a fix resistance or a variable (temperature related) resistance, to be compatible with the system.
Any type of information would really be appreciated.


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1 issues is your Canadian model#...most won't come up at parts depots and such.

2nd issue is I did not read the whole posting....too long for me, sorry.

Are you looking for the element cage? Post a picture of your model/serial tag.

jeff sr.

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