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DV393ETPAWR Samsung Dryer Making Loud Noise


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Sep 8, 2015
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Electric dryer has been working great up until a couple days ago. Have had the dryer for about 1.5 years. Upon starting the dryer it makes a very loud noise and then quiets down a little but is still much louder than it ever was before. It almost sounds like the motor is loose? It does this when there are clothes in it and when it is empty.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Thanks for the response! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

So I did some exploring and took the dryer apart. I spun the rollers by hand and non of them seem to stick, should I grease these somehow?

I also ran the motor with the drum removed (not sure if that is smart or not haha) and it kind of sounds like it is the motor making the loud noise? I attached a video, is this something that I can fix or would I need to completely replace the motor if that is the issue? Is there something else I should check?

Thank you for your help!!

Samsung Dryer Motor Noise
Dang I was hoping that I wouldn't have to replace the motor. Thanks for the help, I'm ordering it today.

Yes, I know what you mean Andrew.:)

BTW, the video to replace the motor/blower assembly is in the part link when you clicked it to order it.

Keep us posted!


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