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DV400EWHDWR/A No Power To Dryer Display


Apr 6, 2020
Greensboro, NC
Model Number
1-5 years
Currently there is no sign of power to the dryer.

[1 week before power issue]
  1. Power to display assembly/appliance is normal
  2. Dryer functioning normally
  3. START button becoming intermittent but still working
[the day of the dryer no longer functioning]
  1. Power to display assembly/appliance is normal
  2. START button does not initiate a load cycle
  3. Unplug appliance from the wall for 10-15 minutes
  4. Ensure breaker isn't tripped
  5. Plug appliance back in
  6. Power to display assembly/appliance is normal
  7. START button still does not initiate a load cycle
  8. Unplug appliance
  9. Disassemble to access control board and sub-control board (display assembly PCB)
  10. Measure voltage coming to unit from wall {AC 120/240V) CHECK
  11. Terminal block connection normal CHECK
  12. Wire Connection/Condition CHECK
  13. DC power (@ the high voltage) from main PCB to sub PCB is 11.85V
  14. DC power (@ the low voltage) from main PCB to sub PCB is 3.26V
  15. No Power to display panel after reassembling device
sorry for all that funk.
I've read that these particular models are notorious for burning out even the replacement control boards.
It's also frustrating that there is a protective coating on the main-PCB (a lot of good it did) that doesn't allow me to test/replace particular components directly on the main-PCB.
in the end, i'm just trying to narrow down whether i'd need to replace the MAIN POWER CONTROL PCB or the sub-DISPLAY PCB.

I've attached the service manual for this particular model.

much appreciated,



  • samsungDV400EWHDservicemanual.pdf
    14.7 MB · Views: 267
Hi Steve,
Did you ever figure out your issue? I have a similar issue on my Samsung gas dryer in that I've verified high voltage coming into the main board and low voltage coming out of it at the connector to the control board. I've tried two new boards, neither turn on at all, totally dark, no music, nothing. Hoping you solved your issue and might have a tip.


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