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DW80H9930US Samsung Dishwasher Any Experienced Samsung Technicians available to help with code 7E


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Jul 5, 2019
North Carolina
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1-5 years
Greetings. Called Samsung to no avail. Hired local appliance repair technician to no avail ... replaced several parts to no avail .. still throwing code 7E.

Anybody knowledgeable with this
I am having the very same, very frustrating, issue with my DW80H9930US. I have replaced the entire motor assembly, main board, and water pump with embedded heater (I was also getting an HE1 error). I read one person's solution was to add a very thin rare earth magnet to the underside of the water vane magnet to increase magnetic strength for the sensor (he claims it weakens over time). I haven't been able to get a proper magnet where I live, but I did try a less than ideal magnet (a bit too large and not a rare earth magnet). Apparently, most hardware stores carry them though.

A bad inverter board was also suggested in another post; I have not tried to replace that part. The only other part in question may be whether or not the plastic track on the water vane is stripped somewhere. Mine seems to be skipping as it reaches the back of the dishwasher ( I was able to watch it while I held a knife in the door latch to keep it operating).
The magnet solution may be worth a shot...at least it's cheap.
Please post if you get a solution
I feel your pain!
Important update: I actually tracked down a string little magnet at my father-in-law's house. I threw it under the water vane and my dishwasher is working like a charm again. He bought the magnet at the Dollar Store. I think we could have avoided buying those parts and saved hundreds of dollars. In any case, go get a strong, thin magnet (about the thickness of a quarter, if possible; mine is about 3 quarters thick, but still works.).and I think you will have a functioning dishwasher again. I pretty confident we have the same issue here.
Please let me know if this fixed your dishwasher.
Hello Murray. Great news. I was just about to give up on this (.....) dishwasher. I have spent literaly hours talking to the "experts" at Samsung. Well, the only thing they accomplished is 2 things ... Nothing & never again a Samsung. (What a shame)

Before I spotted your 1st post I went down the same path you did with changing some of the boards also to no avail. I also tried a smal "earth" magnet (in another post this was mentioned) which did not change the issue.

Like you described the water wall also goes back into it's dock in the back and one can hear the annoying "clicking" sound from the belt jumping the gear.

Would you kindly let me now what brand/model magnet you got and what store sells them. Also how did you attach it to the magnet to the bottom of the "carrier"

Thank you for your findings.


I found the magnet at my father-in-laws house, so I am not sure where he got it. He thought he bought it a local dollar store. A quick search on Amazon will get you what you need....should look like this: amazon.com/Neodymium-Magnets-N52-Super-Strong/dp/B01LYU3SX8?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_1#
I simply stuck it under the existing magnet of the water vane. It should hold very strongly, if it's a good magnet. The key is to get a thin one that won't get knocked off when the vane returns to the port. I tried a small, strong magnet before, but it was not effective. This one did the trick. I included a picture of mine...I circled the magnet to show you where I attached it ( on the outside of the plastic casing for the existing magnet under the vane).
I hope this works for you. Good luck.


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Wow .. fast response ... will get a strong magnet also and try it out. I will report back, however it will be towards the end of next week ... monster work week ahead
Thank you again for your response
Thank you all... Just a quick question :: what does the Magnet do exactly ? I mean, what was broken and how does a simple thing as magnet can fix this ? Not questioning, just trying to understand and educate myself....
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