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DWC512BLS Danby wine fridge has power but not cooling

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Is the compressor running? If it is running, take a pic of the frost pattern on the evaporator, If the compressor is running and there's no cooling there's a problem with the sealed system.
Hmm, I think the compressor is running, as it gets warm and is vibrating ever so slightly. I opened the back of the inside and took a look at the evaporator coil, it does not have any frost on it... been plugged in about 2 hours. The photo of the copper tubing in the back may not show it, but it has some moisture dripping off and is really cold.. the tubing where it connects to the evaporator on the inside is also cold... the evaporator, maybe a tiny bit cold, but definitely not wet or frosted.


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The problem is with the sealed system. Sealed system repairs are expensive and will often exceed the machines value.
Figures. I had hoped maybe I could replace the evaporator or something else :( Thanks very much.
I'm going to close this thread, it's 7 years old and getting way long.

Anyone can start a new thread if they have this model and need help with it.

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