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E23BC78IPS Electrolux French door refrigerator water not dispensing


May 9, 2021
Halifax NS
Model Number
More than 10 years
We have a Electrolux icon French door fridge we bought in 2009 has been a lemon ever since- ice maker issues and all.

Till recently it has been ok. Now the water has stopped flowing every morning out of the water dispenser. After checking the inlet valve it works fine. Good flow from water line too. I’ve traced the lack of flow issue to the coil “water tank” in the back which seems is freezing overnight. Using a hair dryer for 30s seems to fix it but I can’t keep doing this every am.

I’ve noticed some ice build up on the back of the fridge. Not sure if this is related.

I’ve tried to stuff a sock around the coil to insulate it from the freezer conduit below which looks like it is designed to cool the water in the coil..to no effect. When I look down the conduit I can see ice formed which I don’t know why it is there now.
I can’t even adjust my drawer freezer to warmer as -15°c is the highest it will go

I’m wondering if anybody out there can you give me any ideas about how to fix this? I know it’s an Electrolux but Frigidaire is the manufacturer of this fridge as well so that might apply to other Frigidaire owners