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E24 error code


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May 15, 2014
Model Number
1-5 years
model is the bosch SGE63E05UC dishwasher
its displaying the e24 drain error. i have replaced the drain pump, the new one is much quieter. Note, i have checked for clogs, there are none.

the problem and work around is as follows:

after pressing the start button the drain pump will run a few seconds, then the circulation pump will run a few seconds, and finally the drain pump will run for a minute after which there is the e24 error

however, if during the minute the drain pump is operating, i just quickly open and close the door, the drain pump will stop and the program will progress to the wash cycle (wash cycle light comes on). the dishwasher will function normally.

my best guess is the circuit board or sensor is faulty.

how does the computer determine that there is a drain problem? the drain pump is able to remove all but maybe an inch of water from the sump where the drain pump impeller is. why would just opening and closing the door progress the program to the wash cycle?
I haven't worked on this particular model before but based on their other machines, my best guess would also be the control board. Probably a sticky relay on the board or a bad triac. Triacs open and close circuit paths and can conduct electricity in either direction and work like switches. Bosch 00708120 Module-Operating, Bosch, Red - AppliancePartsPros.com
hello-thank you for your reply
the bosch website shows parts (http://www.bosch-home.com/us/store/spareparts/SGE63E05UC/SGE63E05UC/01) click on parts list and diagrams tab, figure 1 shows a control module at position ID 0101, BUT there is also another control module shown in figure 5, position ID 0570.

which control is most likely the faulty one? is the one inside the door merely for the control buttons? the one within the right panel the actual computer?
I got your PM Rick on this thread.:)

This is very interesting, I've never worked on Bosch products, Jeff knows quite a bit about Bosch.

In fact I just found another member with the same issue that just started a new thread yesterday with the exact same error code: Error code E24

Hopefully Jeff can assist you.

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