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EIMED60LSS0 Electrolux Dryer Odd noise


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Aug 22, 2020
Model Number
6-10 years
For the last few days, I have been hearing this rattling noise towards the end of a longer dryer run. Any ideas what the cause might be?

Sounds completely normal to me.

Thank you for the response. I guess the difference to "normal" operation is that it the noise is much much louder and it sometimes has a screeching component to it (that doesn't come out quite as it sounds in reality on the video).
Yes, I agree, I didn't hear any screeching sounds in the video.

For the screeching sound I'd first check the drum rollers to make sure they turn freely by hand.

Here's the drum rollers for your model(Video Included in part link):
Drum Roller 134715900

Then also check the idler pulley and belt.

Here's the parts diagram for your model:
#23 is the Idler Pulley
#F25 is the Belt

Thank you so much. Really appreciate the advice. I've tried to capture the noise better in this video. It is so loud that it would be impossible to have a conversation in the laundry room. I will check the idler pulley and the belt.

I don't hear any unusual noise, it sounds like its running normal to me.

The issues from the original post resolved on its own. Tonight, it startling making this noise that is only there briefly when it turns on. No change with no load vs. heavier load. Is this the idler pulley being bad?


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Yes, I hear it now.

Its either the belt, idler pulley or rollers like I mentioned above.

Have you taken the dryer apart to see which it is?


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