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Electrolux EDW5505EPS Dishwasher replacement racks


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Oct 29, 2022
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More than 10 years
Hello all. I have an Electrolux EDW5505EPS Dishwasher. The racks are shot. I need help with locating a set or racks that will fit. They don't have to be the exact part. I happened to luck out about 7 years ago and came across a set of racks left out for scrap that fit! Well now these are rusted and the lower rack is unavailable. The upper rack is $600! I can't see purchasing a new dishwasher just because the racks are no good, plus it wouldn't mach the rest of the appliances. Any help is appreciated.
As near as I can tell those racks were only used on 2 Electrolux dishwasher models. That will severely limit the availability of used Electrolux upper rack # 5304478065 and lower rack # 5304452609.

That model does however appear to have been made for Electrolux by Maytag. I found some used Maytag racks that should fit but might be different colour and have a slightly different layout, especially the lower one. They should physically fit though.

These links are pertinent to your message. They were supplied by this message author.

LINK > Maytag equivalent Upper D/W Rack

LINK > Maytag Lower D/W Rack

Dan O.
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