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Electrolux (EI26SS30JS4) Refrigerator Temperature Not Reading Correcrly


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Jul 5, 2019
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1-5 years
After calling Electrolux customer service twice and escalating to a manager I was finally able to get them to provide me with directions on how to perform a diagnostic test on my refrigerator. The current display temperate of my freezer is 28F and my refrigerator is 35F. The diagnostic test shows the Thermistor sensor reads 28F for the freezer and 48F for the refrigerator. I have cleaned the coils and the fan in the back runs fine. I’m at a loss trying to figure out what the current issue is but am suspecting it may be an issue with the board or a sensor. Can anyone please help me?!
Do you have a refrigerator/freezer thermometer in each side so we can compare what the display says and what the thermometers say?

Are items in the freezer starting to thaw? Ice cream soft?

Do you notice frost build-up on the back panel inside the freezer?

Hi Jake,

I do have a thermometer on each side and the display temperature on the refrigerate side shows 35F and the actual temperature inside with a theromometer is 48F; the display freezer temperature was showing 0F for the longest time but after a reset it started to reflect the actual temperature of 28F which is the correct temperature based on the thermometer inside that side.

Items in the freezer have thawed (ice cream was so soft!). There was also quite a bit of frost buildup on the back that I was able to defrost and remove.
There was also quite a bit of frost buildup on the back that I was able to defrost and remove.
Bingo! That's the problem then, there should be no frost build-up on that back panel inside the freezer at all period. So that indicates you have a auto defrost part that has gone bad.

Do you have a multimeter so we can test which part has gone sour?


I think you were on to something! We defrosted the ice and letting the freezer come back up to temperature. I’m going to continue to watch the drip pan and make sure the defrost is working correctly. If not, I’ll reassess.

Thank you so much for your help and advice!!
Wait, that photo you posted above shows frost in the upper right side of your evaporator coil, was there frost build-up on the coils below that?

If that's the only place the frost build-up is at (upper right side of your evaporator coil) then you have a sealed system problem.

Check your owners manual warranty, some models have a 5 yr. parts and labor warranty on the sealed system.


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