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Electrolux front load washer clothes still wet

Lowa Emydidae

May 6, 2016
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6-10 years
I see my question has been asked similarly before but I can't seem to find a thread that has my same problems, so I apologize if this is repetitive.

I have a front loading Elextrolux washer that was purchased around spring of 2009. So far it's been great. For the last couple of months it's been leaving my clothes soaking wet after it's cycle though. I recently replaced the rubber drum liner, as it was cracked and leaking water, and didn't notice anything else on the inside to cause concern.

What's happening is that it runs it's full cycle, and it spins as it should, but about 80% of my loads are still coming out soaking wet. I had initially thought it was a balancing issue since it only started happening with heavier load, like towels and blankets. However, now even when I try and wash my husband's military uniforms they're coming out soaking wet. My confusion is that when I run the spin cycle immediately after a load the clothes come out just fine. It seems to me (in my unprofessional mind) that if something was failing mechanically then the spin cycle wouldn't work on the spin only setting either.

I've very confused and would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!
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Appliance Tech - Admin
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Aug 24, 2004
Vicksburg Junction, Arizona

Pull the washer out from the wall then unplug it, then remove the back access panel then you will see your drain pump mounted on the base of your washer.

Sounds like your drain pump is possibly the problem. When it drains pull the drain hose up a little bit and watch how fast it drains out into your drainpipe.

Here's the drain pump for your model:
Drain Pump 137038700 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy. RepairClinic.com

Also check that red rubber flap on the output side of the pump(in the photo of it above) that can get hung up and make the pump air lock or not drain the water out fast enough, thus not spin fast enough to get the water out of the clothes properly.

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