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Electrolux glass top range EW30ES6CGS4 Burner won’t turn off.

May 10, 2023
My front right large burner would not turn off after cooking yesterday, it ramps up to highest heat no matter if you try to press the button to bring the heat level down or even just bringing it tooff. It’s just wide open full heat. I had to shut it down from the breaker. I opened it up and don’t see any burnt wires or anything super obvious inside. Although some areas look like they have gotten a little hot over the years. But none appear to be related to that burner. I would like some help to diagnose and fix it.
i have this problem on my Electrolux glass top range EW30ES6CGS4 - I had to shut it by closing the breaker. Tried turning breaker back on but burner still totally red. Any ideas that are not a complicated fix?

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