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Electrolux ICON Designer E23CS75DSS5 water pressure low & ice maker not working


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Feb 27, 2023
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More than 10 years
I have an Electrolux ICON Designer E23CS75DSS5 the water pressure is very low coming out of the dispenser and the ice maker stopped functioning. I am wondering if the water inlet valve could be bad?

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Your missing the last digit of your model number, read it from the model number tag located inside the refrigerator section on the upper walls or ceiling.

Have you replaced your water filter in awhile? A clogged up water filter can first cause low water pressure to both the water dispenser and ice maker.

Here's the water filter for E23CS75DSS1:
Electrolux Icon Pure Advantage Refrigerator Water Filter EWF2CBPA
Oh, I see I clipped it off accidentially E23CS75DSS5 is the model number.

Yes I have replaced the filter regularly and that first thing I tried when the ice maker stopped working.

Thanks for complete model number!

I always pull the refrigerator out from the wall, then turn the water off, remove the water supply line, then get a bucket or container to catch water in to test the water pressure from the water supply line into a bucket, then turn the water supply line on, and it should have good water pressure force coming out in the bucket or container.

--->If your water pressure is good, then disconnect the water line tubing underneath the water inlet valve and then press the water dispenser lever and see if water comes out good with strong pressure directly from the water inlet valve.

Here's the water inlet valve for your model:
242252702 Water Valve
When I did this I had zero water coming out of the line?? I plugged the water supply back in and now I have zero water. There are no kinks in the line that I can see.
Then you have a water supply line problem to the refrigerator.

You may need to have a plumber come out to see why this is happening.

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