Electrolux side by side refrigerators DON'T WORK

Jan 30, 2011
Welcome to my world. I have enormous experience with electrolux appliances. After living and working in Europe for a decade - I was familar with the brand and like the sleek styling. When we re-did our kitchen in Boston in 2008 decide to go with all electrolux. Seemed like nice high end stuff - range; microwave; diswasher and side by side refrigerator.
The refrigerator has been a DISASTER ! After about 6 months - the ice and water in the door stopped working. The manufacturer advised me to first replace the air then water filters - which I dutifully did. No luck. 9 service calls later (by moderately incompetent technitians) the manufacturer agreed to replace the refrigerator.
I won't bore you with all the details - but - it happened again - and - after first replacing the door - they replaced the refrigerator a second time.
Guess what ? It's happening again !!! The manufacter simply relies on their local authorized reps to service these. The service reps are clearly not well paid and therefore overbook - often don't show and round we go.
All other appliances look and work great. Their refrigerators STINK ! And, there after sales service is even worse !!!
I wonder if you are having the same circuit board malfunction issue I had. In the middle of the night the freezer would drop down to -12, freezing the water line and preventing water from going to the door or the icemaker. The repair man said he was changing doors for people's refrigerators to solve the problem, but they later discovered it was an issue with the circuit board. They replaced my circuit board and it resolve the problem. I have another post on here about it.
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