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Embraco EMI30HER Compressor - is it toast?


May 9, 2022
West Chester, PA 19380
Model Number
-major brand-
More than 10 years
I took a chance and bought a U-Line ULN-75BWC-00 Wine Fridge at an estate auction as is for $20. I got it home and cleaned it up, plugged it in, and on went the compressor and fan. Unfortunately, it eventually shuts down and does not maintain temperature setting. The existing overload and start relay tested fine. I tried a new overload and start relay anyway. I tried a new thermostat. Same problem. My last test I plugged it in with thermostat at coldest setting, it ran for over an hour to 30 degrees before shutting down and failing to maintain the temperature.

Compressor is Embraco EMI30HER. I found the compressors technical data online and it lists start winding resistance 21.20 and run winding resistance of 7.90 at 77 degrees Fahrenheit +/- 8%. I measured start resistance of 26.6 and run resistance of 7.8 with my multimeter. Is my compressor shot? That's the conclusion I come to unless there's something else I am missing.
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