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ERU200P3S Avanti 20" electric range indicator light stays on dimly.


Jan 14, 2023
Model Number
Avanti ERU200P3S
Less than 1 year
Bought a new Avanti 20" electric range for our small airbnb apartment. Indicator light for stove top burners stays on dimly all the time. Surface burners are not hot so I'm thinking it's more of a nuisance than a safety issue but since it's in an airbnb unit, we keep getting calls from our renters that they are concerned that it is a safety problem. When a burner is turned on, light goes full bright, so normal in that sense. It's a small neon, (I think), 220v light bulb. Avanti service people are clueless. The first one said it's a "standby" indicator. Standby for what!? There is no clock or other digital displays, just pretty basic range. Then they sent me a new bulb.... obviously not a bulb problem.

I've been an avionics tech for 30 years and know how to read the schematic which is on the back of the unit. I took off each 120-volt leg going to each side of the indicator bulb from each burner switch thinking I had a "leak" in one of the infinity switches. But with any of the switches connected, (switch in the off position), the dim light still comes on. I'm using a Sperry DVM and measure about 80 volts across the bulb but being a high impedance meter wondered about induced "phantom" voltage. But in any case, there's enough current to dimly light the bulb. And no clue where that induced voltage would be picked up, as I turned off all the other circuit breakers in the panel.

It's been two months and the latest is Avanti is still waiting for the engineers in China to get back to them. Getting very frustrated working up the ladder of service tech help until I finally get a real tech. Wondered if anyone has ever bought one of these 20" small units to see if it's some kind of design issue or if there are any other ideas. Thank you!
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