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Estate Washer ETW4300SQ Grinding Sound


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Apr 7, 2023
Daytona Beach
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More than 10 years
I've had this washer since 07, I noticed the clutch was starting to go and I replaced it and everything was good. Come last week a load of clothes was in and when it got to spin the machine started making a grinding sound. I checked the coupler and both sides were still intact, I opened the gear case and my main gear was stripped on some of the teeth. I replaced the main gear and resembled everything, but it's still grinding. Any ideas what's going on, is it possible for the coupler to go bad and still be intact, I'm also wondering what stripped the gear in the case. I'm honestly hoping for any input, I'm at my wit's end, so any and all helpers appreciated thank you.
Any ideas what's going on, is it possible for the coupler to go bad and still be intact
Usually not unless it looks worn.

Here's the motor coupling for your model:
285753A Motor Coupling

Does it grind in agitate and spin?

Also , you may have a foreign object in your water pump making that noise, I'd check that too.

Here's the water pump for your model:
Drain Pump WP3363394

Here's a video on how to access it below, unplug the washer first before you take it apart. Then once you get the pump off, take the 2 rubber hoses off and get a flashlight and look inside it. Be prepared for some water to spill out of the 2 rubber hoses.

Just tried it on wash, it doesn't sound like it does on spin. When it's spinning the sound is a loud grinding sound, almost like an alarm. I'm trying to figure out why it would agitate ,but grind when spinning. This also started a week after I changed the clutch. Could the new clutch have worn another part out?
The clutch attaches to the basket drive, then to the drive block.

Here is the basket drive assembly for your model:
W10820043 Basktdrive

Here's the tub drive block for your model:
Drive Block WP389140

There is a video in the tub drive block part link that shows you how to access it.

You can see the comparison here:

See the one on the left, its the old one, the one on the right is the new one. It has to have those 2 ear slots. Does yours look like the one on the left or right?

Ok, let us know what you find.

Rick has a good diagram of the transmission parts:

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