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ET18DKXBN01 Water inside refrigerator but drain is NOT blocked


Aug 23, 2018
Model Number
More than 10 years
Hello- this freezer-on-top Whirlpool (May 1994) has quite a LOT of water dripping from the ceiling of the refrigerator portion. The drain is CLEAR, with plenty of water in the drain pan under the frig. It has been humid- and the door gasket does needs replacing (any suggestions on the best one to get? are ebay ones any good? some reviews claimed the less expensive ones aren't thick enough?)- but I'm pretty sure the problem is more than a faulty door gasket- again, there is a LOT of water dripping in there, the door gasket seems mostly intact, and we have AC in the house so it's not really that humid inside the house. Could the leaking water be caused by a deteriorated seal around the air damper/passage? (the water issue seems worse in this area) Perhaps some silicone caulk is needed somewhere in the freezer defrost pan, perhaps where the air damper connects or passes through it? That said, while I removed the ice maker and back panel with no issues, I see no obvious way to remove the white plastic floor of the freezer to check for where leaks may be happening under there (no clips, screws, etc.- the edges of the freezer floor seem to be tucked under the main outer shell of the unit)- how do I remove this floor without busting it? I see dozens of "how to"s on how to get rid of water inside the frig by clearing the drain, but again, the drain seems to be working fine- but I can find no guidance as to how to deal with water dripping inside the frig when the drain is CLEAR- any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, the refrigerator door gasket being worn out is causing this problem, constant warm air coming into the refrigerator forms that condensation on the refrigerator ceiling and the drippings.

Its always best to buy the OEM parts for all appliances, cheaper ones will not hold up.

Here's the door gasket for your model you can order:
2188447A Gasket-Door

There is a video that shows you how to replace it in the part link.

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