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EW30EF65GSC Electrolux While In Self Clean all the touch screen controls went blank


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May 3, 2019
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While performing self clean all the touch screen controls went blank with the exception of the five top burner touch sensors which had blue dashes for each burner that were non responsive. I unplugged the unit immediately after noticing the issue and let sit for 15 minutes only to have the same issue return. The door remained looked and I had the oven lights on during the cleaning process and they do not come on either. I cannot find a thermal fuse for this model in the schematics. I did a search in the forum and found issues that were similar but not the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Measure the voltage at the terminal block on the range. Check for 120 VAC at the P2 and P8 connectors on the EOC.
Thanks for the feedback and I have 120VAC at the terminal block and no voltage at any pins on P2 or P8 on the ES360 EOC board. Unfortunately I cannot read the print on the schematics that states where the wires from P2 and P8 go to or I would check there next. Thanks for the help and sorry for late response.
Thanks for the reply and the link to the schematic! Are there any other checks that can be done to verify the EOC is bad? If I am going to spend 200 plus on a board I can get a scratch and dent model for a little more so I want to make sure this is the actual problem. Thanks again!
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Check for 120 VAC at the P1 connector on power supply board 1 and on power supply board 2. Then measure the output voltage on P2 on each board. On the relay board check for 120 VAC across J4-5 and J4-7

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