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EW30EW65PSB Electrolux Icon Dual Wall Oven extremely slow to Preheat


Aug 14, 2021
Atlanta, GA
Model Number
6-10 years
I have a Model #: EW30EW65PSB Electrolux Double Wall Oven about 6 years old. No error codes showing on the control board. The oven seems to take forever to preheat, may close to one hour at times. Once it's reached it's temp, it seems to cook OK. It will broil. The convection mode seems to work well, the bake element seems to work, and the upper and lower ovens operate about the same way.

I've read that these Thermal Fuses can cause this, by not allowing both legs of the 220V power to operate, so the oven is only running on 110V power. When I put it on the Bake Function only the lower element is lighted on the display during preheating. If I preheat on the Roast function, only the top element is lighted on the display.

I cannot find a service manual for this model to even locate items to test. Besides the problem of not preheating, any help with a service manual, wiring diagram, troubleshooting guide to help me figure this out? I'm handy enough to handle this, but not knowledgeable to figure out what the problem actually is.