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EW30GF65GSB Electrolux Range Smelling gas intermittently


Jan 8, 2021
Model Number
More than 10 years
Hi everyone, hoping someone with some expertise in the field can give me some guidance here. I've read through every thread I could find on the subject but still haven't found a solution.

The issue is, when the oven reaches temperature IE 350F and shuts off, and then after say 2-5 minutes it kicks back on to maintain temperature and thereafter every 2-4 minutes until the oven is switched off. During this re-heating, sometimes you can get a whiff of gas from the top vent of the oven. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. Occasionally it's worse and the whole house will smell of gas and we have to open the windows etc.

What I've done so far is, replace the bake igniter with a new genuine part (now reading 3.28 amps max), tried changing the broil igniter based on someone else's comment on this site (did nothing), took the bake burner out and cleaned with a wire brush (no obstructions or holes or rust really, was quite clean, there was a bit of rust powder from the burner pipe on the safety valve below that I vacuumed up), changed the thermostat in case a wrong temperature was causing the oven to cycle too much to maintain temperature (did nothing), changed the oven door seal in case it was losing too much heat causing it to cycle too much (it needed it anyway but no change). Apart from those parts changes, I was able to get a multimeter down to the gas safety valve and there was some resistance for the bake valve at least (I didn't check the broil valve). I tested it however without removing the wires connecting to the circuit board, not sure if that would change the results. I have not yet tested the gas pressure regulator, as I don't have the equipment to do so. The oven ignites now within 20 seconds from turning it on, really fast. There is no gas smell when the oven is off, and even when it switches on for the first time we don't notice any smell. To be clear, this is only for the bake cycle, as we very rarely use the broil cycle and I haven't even tested if this issue happens on broil. The issue has gotten better since doing the above, but still has on 1 occasion filled the house with gas.

The oven is a bit old now from about 2007 but until now has never been serviced by myself or anyone else.

A random but possibly helpful clue? I have noticed that sometimes when using the burners on the top the gas flows out slowly at first and takes 2-4 seconds to come out high. To try to explain better, on the top burners after lighting them I put it on high but the flame starts out small like it would be on lowish-medium and then after 2-4 seconds the flame finally gets big like it should be on high. May be my imagination but I thought before it would be immediate.

Hoping one of you guys can help me with your experience! Thank you very much.