F06 bearing issue

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Feb 18, 2016
Add me to the F06 club. I got an F02 error last night so cleaned out the drain filter (there was a kids sock and a bunch of gunk in there) and thought I had my problem solved. Now I'm getting an F06 error. I took the belt off and the motor spins fine, but about 10 minutes into the cycle I get F02.

I ran a water only cycle as I'm typing this and now the machine is making it past that 10 minute mark with no F02 error but it's making a terrible noise during the spin cycle (water drains fine). The drum seems out of alignment as it isn't spinning in a smooth manner. Do any of the experts have any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks

Seems like more than a coincidence that these two errors happened one after the other.
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We need your model number first, the model number tag is located inside the door.

Leave the belt off the drum pulley and see if you get that same terrible noise.

It's the GHW9300 and I think I'm screwed. The motor works fine with the belt off the pulley. It's the bearings. The basket is loose and I have all the plastic shavings like in the videos. I called Whirlpool and they told me I'm 4 months out of the 10 year warranty and even if I was within the 10 years they claim the rear tub is only covered if it leaks, that the bearing failure alone is not cause for warranty.

It sounds like the cost to fix this is prohibitive and I should just buy a new machine?
Yes, unless you wanted to replace the bearings separately, but its a huge job to do.

The average life of washers is only 8-12 years, so you may just want to go washer shopping.

I'm now the proud owner of a top of the line LG washer/dryer pair. Whirlpool's response to helping me out on a washer that was only 3 months out or warranty was enough to make me never buy another of their products again.
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