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F3 error Jenn AIr JDS9860ACP Range


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Jun 26, 2010
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More than 10 years
I am back (unfortunately.)
while I thought I had the various issues with this range sorted a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed to be working well/correctly, last night I got an F3 error.
There are other threads here re: F3 error Jenn AIr, but I am not sure they apply to this specific model.
I tested the sensor and it reads 1083 ohms.
as a Hail Mary I replaced it with a spare that I had (that measured 11xx ohms)
But No, after 40 minutes it failed on an F3 error

is there anything else I can test?

hmmm, interesting. there seem to be two series of Jenn Air error codes: for older ones and for newer models.

which is mine?
Hi Peter, I'm attaching your tech. data sheet below.

F3-1 is a Open or shorted sensor. Disconnect power to the range and also check the wiring to the oven sensor to make sure its good, tight, and secure.

Like I mentioned here:
Yes, if you get 1050 to 1100 ohms, then the oven sensor is good and the problem would be the control board.

Oven Control Board 5760M302-60

RepairClinic ships to Canada: https://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/Oven-Control-Board/WP5760M302-60/1534555


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I'm back.

now this might be getting confusing (it is to me) so let me back up.
Oven #1 failed (on the F3 error)
so I found donor oven #2. (though the donor told me that it had failed, though they could not remember the specifics of the failure. Hey It was free)

I swapped Circuit Board #2 and sensor #2 onto Oven 1.
and I still got the F3 error.
Sensor 2 (now in Oven 1) reads 1091 ohms. which I think is Good

I then found a 3rd same-model donor oven and I swapped in its circuit board #3 into Oven 1 (replacing Circuit Board #2).
after about 40 minutes again, it went F3.

I ohms tested the sensor (that is #2 because I figured I'd swap it) Again and it read 1091. which I think is "Good"

Now interestingly, I then put circuit board #2 (I had removed it to swap in CB#3) into Oven #3 (the one I just got) and fired it up. 90 minutes later it was still ticking along, seeming to work fine.
so weirdly Donor Oven 3 with Sensor 3 but CB2 works correctly.
Oven 1 with Sensor 2 and CB3 fails on F3
and also failed on F3 with Sensor 2 and CB2 (which is now working correctly in donor Oven 3.)

easiest solution would be to (gently) move Oven 3 (working, at least on the driveway test site) into the place of Oven 1 (failed on F3 with replacement Sensor and Circuit Board swapped in)
BUT Oven 3 is pretty "worn", greasy. Oven 1 is pretty clean (and the clickers work finally after swapping in some Oven 2 clicker parts.)

if any of that is unclear please tell me.

does anyone have any ideas at this point?
latest tests

I just set up Oven 1 with Sensor #3 and Circuit Board #3 and it failed on an F3 after about 45 minutes

However Donor Oven 3 with Sensor 2 and Circuit Board 2 (with which Oven 1 failed yesterday) is running fine. NO F3 error.

So to recap.
A: Oven 1 Sensor #2 and Circuit Board #2 = F3 FAIL
B: Oven 1 Sensor #2 and Circuit Board #3 = F3 FAIL
C: Oven 1 Sensor #3 and Circuit Board #3 = F3 FAIL

D: Oven 3 with Sensor #3 and CB #2 = WORKS
E: Oven 2 with Sensor #2 and CB #2 = WORKS

Given A and E there must be something other than Sensor or CB causing the F3 failures,

any more ideas?

( could now just swap out Oven 1 for Oven 3 except that Oven 1 is nice and clean and the burners click ignite and Oven 3 is dirty and I haven't tried the burners at all.)
see that I misreported my findings in my post from June 18 (above)
it should have read:
So to recap.
A: Oven 1 Sensor #2 and Circuit Board #2 = F3 FAIL
B: Oven 1 Sensor #2 and Circuit Board #3 = F3 FAIL
C: Oven 1 Sensor #3 and Circuit Board #3 = F3 FAIL

D: Oven 3 with Sensor #3 and CB #2 = WORKS
E: Oven THREE with Sensor #2 and CB #2 = WORKS
But now, I'm BACK.
It's "The Return of the F# Error"

so, when I left off 45 days ago, I had run the above tests and Since Oven 3 was the only one that worked reliably I swapped it in.
and we have run happily since then (not every day, not every week but 15-20 days) on long cycles of 2 hours + (bread baking)
and tonight, after, as usual abou 40 minutes BANG F3.
WTF. ?

how is that possible?
three of the exact same Jenn AIr unit ALL failing on an F3 (or in the case of Unit 1, F1 - excessive temperature )

are these Jenn AIrs just lemons?

any suggestions on what to do now?

I still have the old Senoor and Circuit Board. and I will swap them in tomorrow and see if that helps anything.

But really, if there was another model of oven with a under floor venting system, I'd be all over it.
and so, today I set the oven on BAKE 250 degrees and it happily ran for over 3 hours.
No F3
Very strange

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