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Fact or Fiction? LG Washer: WM3570HVA after door boot seal replacement, the door is hard to close


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Jun 1, 2022
Dallas, TX
Model Number
6-10 years
Year: 2014
Make: LG
Model: WM3570HVA
Door Boot Seal (OEM Part #: MDS47123605)
Washer Door Lock ( OEM Part # EBF61315802)

I was having a small leak on the bottom of my door, with larger loads. I called a LG authorized repair company to come and check it out. They told me I needed to replace the boot seal. I had told them I have had a little trouble with sometimes it doesn't lock so they said they would go ahead and replace the door lock as well. The total cost for both parts and labor (no labor charge for lock they said) was $435.

After they were finished I wasn't able to close the door from anywhere but the 3:00 position on the door anymore and even then it had to have a lot of pressure to do it. (Sometimes it would close but would not engage the lock when started). I explained that I have always been able to just swing the door from anywhere 12:00 to 2:00 and it would close without issue...ever since I originally bought it. The tech called the manager out to check it out and he told me that that is because its a new boot and it fits tighter than the old one. I asked him....so it needs a break-in period and should eventually act the old one did, allowing me to close it from wherever I push it? He said he couldn't guarantee that. I asked him why I could go to any appliance store and close the doors from anywhere and not just the middle of the handle? He said he didn't know and maybe the boot was worn in from being closed for a long period. He told me the part was a LG OEM part.

The manager told me he could pull the parts and put back my original if that is what I wanted. I just wanted to check with others, who may have replaced this part before. Should I only be able to swing the door from the middle of the handle and have it close and lock? It just all seems a little sketchy. I dont know why it should close differently when using an OEM part and no other issues.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


*Attached picture shows where they said it's normal to not be able to close using.


  • Washer.png
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Looks like there are two door boot seals for your model, why I don't know, first time I've ever seen that before.

I've replaced many door boot seals in the last 35 years and most are tight when you install the new door boot seal, but the door ALWAYS closes on the other brands I have done, like Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire. I have not replaced a LG door boot seal as of yet, but the door should be still able to close no matter what, without putting pressure on the door to close.

Do you see a revision number on your model number tag?

Here's the other door boot seal that they show for WM3570HVA/00:
MDS47123602 Gasket

Here's the door boot seal they replaced:
Gasket MDS47123605

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