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FIXED Fan needed for fedders A6X05F2GA window ac


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Sep 5, 2017
Model Number
6-10 years
Fan blades have dry rotted and breaking apart. Is there a compatible replacement for this?

As far as I know Fedders is basically gone.
Maybe ebay or such will have used ones available?

jeff sr.
If you get to the blades, I believe Fedders used to stamp part number right into the blades. If you post any numbers found on them, those numbers might (very slim) be able to be traced. They're often printed around the centre hub.


Dan O.

how do I get to it?
pac.attack76 said:
how do I get to it?

Take it apart and possibly take it/them off the motor as well.

I have no idea how your unit was designed but this video about cleaning one might give you an idea?

Dan O.
pac.attack76 said:
the back should move away from the black part

Keep the bending of any copper refrigerant tubing to a minimum. That tubing can be brittle with age and will get brittle the more it is flexed. Cause a leak and the a/c is scrap.

Dan O.
That fan is listed as discontinued at every supplier I checked. Luckily there does look to be at least one still available here and it looks like it is new, old stock:

LINK > Comfort Aire CONDENSER FAN BLADE 113700880001

So there is some hope of saving it!

Dan O.

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