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Fan turning slowly but freely?!? Help!


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Aug 9, 2005
COOVERT (Whirlpool) Model CVACM062XLO room air conditioner. 5000 BTU.
Came home yesterday with the fan spinning extremely slowly. I thought the motor was stiff and starting to seize and proceeded to shut it off. I could see the fan slowly spin to a stop. It was not binding at all! It's as if the fan motor wasn't getting enough voltage to spin at the right speed. I can spin the fan freely with my finger with absolutely NO binding at all. Compressor appears to be working fine. Any ideas? I like this little unit and would hate to have to trash it because of something that is possibly simple to fix.

Kind regards!


Closest that would work for me ( online ) was CVAC062XL0

Came home yesterday with the fan spinning extremely slowly

Check the run capacitor, if shorted this can do that to the fan motor.


Would this effect the fan and not the compressor? Just wondering. I wasn't sure if they used a capacitor on the fan only. Thanks!
It can yes....they ( compressor and fan motor ) share a capacitor which is 2 caps builts into one body.


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