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FFFU16F2VW Frigidaire upright freezer - How to disable temp alarm?


Jan 27, 2021
Long Island
Model Number
Less than 1 year
Picked up a new Frigidaire up-right freezer model #FFFU16F2VW that I would like to use for dry aging meat. Havent even plugged it in yet. I have a inkbird wifi temp controller and plan to keep the freezer between 34 and 37 degrees. The freezer sounds the beeping alarm and blinking light if the temp is above 21 degrees. Pulling the small led light out was easy but I am curious about the audible alarm. I have not taken any panels off or even heard the alarm yet. I have not seen any info in the manual about turning the alarm off.

I have to believe the alarm is not tied into the actual cooling system itself but maybe just the thermostat? I really dont know. Anyone have an idea what to do?

Edit - this is from the manual
"High Temp Alert - If the temperature inside the cabinet exceeds 21°F (-6°C), the LED light at the bottom of the cabinet will flash and the alarm will sound. The alarm can be reset by opening and then closing the door. The LED will continue to flash until thecabinet temperature is below 21°F (-6°C)."
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