FFHB2740PP9A Frigidaire Refrigerator


Oct 4, 2021
Benton, Kentucky
We had a LONG history with this issue with our side by side (FFHB2740PP9A). It was covered by an extended warranty through Lowes. We were very lucky to have this coverage and I can’t say enough about their program. Lowes replaced the following before giving up and refunding our entire purchase price (they have also done this with a Samsung dishwasher and Frig that defied all efforts to be repaired. The list of replacements.... Two displays, two dampers, two circulation fans and two temperature sensors. I had nothing to lose so I replaced another sensor and noticed something that pointed out the true problem and made a $0 change that has been a solution so far…. When the unit was plugged back in after replacing the sensor the temperature on control panel would drop but after a while it would do nothing but show the “set” point. No matter what a digital thermometer showed on the shelf. I checked it a couple of times and with a little bit of experimentation to me it indicated that the quick connect on the probes were not properly connecting and as things cooled the contacts were pulling apart which caused probably infinitesimally small gaps and shorting. I had nothing to lose so I did the following, don’t laugh too hard. The temperature probe is in the center behind the right hand side of the back wall cover. The cover is a chimney that channels cold are to the top of the cabinet so it can “flow” through the various shelves and drawer area. Getting to this probe is a giant pain in the butt, well it will be this time (see below). Unplug frig, remove all shelves (do yourself a favor and put a dot with a sharpie on the shelf hanger brackets on the back wall to show you where each shelf goes to make hanging them in the exact locations easy, unless you wanted to put your milk in a different location anyway. Remove the cover access screws. There are two screws down low and two on about midway up. Remove the light cover at the top. Carefully lift the cover and swing it out. There is a quick connect wire bundle at the bottom that you will need to disconnect. Fish the probe and feed wire out. HERE Is what I did to fix this “short”….remember, I had little to lose--- carefully cut the plug out, stripped backed the wires, and made the connections with wire nuts. Because I had no desire to go through this again…I VERY carefully, removed enough of the side of the cover with a coping saw that I would be able to access the probe and feed wire without taking out any more than the right crisper draw. This strip was about ¾” wide and 8” long. Since it is on the side of that cover, you can’t see it is missing by simply looking in the frig. Put everything back together and plug the unit in. I may or may not make a simple plastic fitting to hold the cover where I cut off the one screw location. After all of this work the interior temp should be quite warm (unless you did all of this in your Michigan garage in January) and will slowly drop and properly show the temperature wherever the probe is. If you want to test the probe you can just reach back there and hold your warm finger against it for a bit (for obvious reasons they made it have a fairly slow response by insulating it with plenty of plastic). Lesson learned, time to fix the design of the quick clip. Other than this ONE problem this frig has been awesome, just remember that the ice/water switch is a hair trigger.
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