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FIXED FFHS2611PFBA Frigidaire Refrigerator water lines mixed up



Model Number
6-10 years
Hi everyone. as title states. I think I have my lines mixed up at the valve. My model # is FFHS2611PFBA. See, I wasn't getting water from dispenser. So. I checked everything. It turns out that the line was frozen in the door. But now when ice maker calls for water. It should out of the dispenser. lol So I think I have the lines mixed up at the valve. Can someone help me with a pic or something.
I helped you already here:

Rick posted a water line diagram here too:
I got it. I had 3 lines mixed up. lol. made it interesting when the ice maker called for ice. 😂 I forgot my mother inlaw has the same fridge
Glad to hear you got it fixed.(y)

Thanks for the update!

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