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FFHS2622MSWA Frigidaire water and ice dispenser won’t turn off


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Jun 27, 2020
Lake Tapps, wa
Model Number
6-10 years
I replaced the water filter. It was stuck so I took the filter cover off and pushed around and finally got it to pop. Put in the new filter. Pushed on the water lever to dispense the water and the the water would not turn off and also ice was being sent to the ice dispenser, although not actually dispensing, just backing up.

It stopped when I opened the door but would start again when I closed the door. Only could get it to shut off by removing the filter. Ice will still dispense normally. The water that won’t shut off is coming out of the valve and near the valve. I have no idea what I could have done while replacing the water filter to cause this to happen. I’m not tech savvy and have no idea what to do! I’m nervous to pop off the button panel on front of fridge. Frigidaire model FFHS2622MSWA
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We also noticed higher water pressure a few weeks ago and the water tasting funny so we had stopped using the water dispenser until I put in the new filter.
Sounds like something shorted out, did you accidentally get water on the temperature control board when the water filter would not come out and finely did?

Is it working fine now, or still the same?

Having same problem with

DGUS2645LF4 fridgidaire​

depress the pallet to get water when you remove cup pallet goes back but you don’t hear the solenoid close?

If you open the freezer door does the water stop coming out?

If so, the problem is usually dispenser module, seen this happen a few times on my service calls.

Here's the dispenser module for your model:
242074223 Module-Dispenser

Video Included in the dispenser module part link.

It doesn’t. If I change the selector to ice or
Crushed ice it eventually goes off.
Ok, got it!

The problem is the main power control board.

Here's the main power control board for your model:
5304499076 Board-Main Power

It should be located underneath the refrigerator, watch the video below, it should be similar to where yours is located.

Let us know how it goes.


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