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FIXED FFID2459VS1A i20 error code will not drain


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Mar 3, 2023
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1-5 years
Have had the dishwasher for 2.5 years. has always had an error code of I20 3/4 way through the cycle, we would always just open the door, press start again then close the door and it would continue to run. We were used to doing this every time we washed it, sometimes as much as 4-5 times per cycle, but it always kept working. Last week ran an extra long time where the dishes did not seem to get that clean had the usual i20 but fixed it multiple times.

Went to wash it after that last long wash and now it throws I20 error code at the start of the cycle and will not continue to wash and will not drain. Took it out and replaced the pressure sensor with the new part, checked the drain lines and did not find any clogs then we put it back together.

Drain does not run, does not even make a motor noise and same problem persists with I20 code about 5 minutes into the wash. Does this sound like a drain pump problem or could it be a circuit board problem? Could it be anything else?
If you hear no noise from the drain pump at all, then you'll need to check for 120 volts to the drain pump when it should be draining.

Just remove the 2 wires from your drain pump then put your meter probes in each wire terminal, then start a wash cycle with no dishes in it, then stay with the dishwasher and watch the meter, and after you hear it stop washing see if your meter reads 120 volts when it should be draining, if you get 120 volts then we know for sure the drain pump is bad.

Here's the drain pump for your model:
A00044305 Drain Pump
Got 120 Volts, ordered a new drain pump will post if that fixes it, it should.
Yes, I agree, the new drain pump should fix it. Yes, let us know how it goes.:)
New drain pump installed, new sensor installed too. Dishwasher runs like new and no I20 error code during cycle. Fixed!
Excellent, good job, glad to hear that.(y)

Thanks for the update!
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