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FIXED FFLE1011MW2 Frigidaire wont spin


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Feb 6, 2023
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6-10 years
Hello All,
I’m new to the thread. I have a Frigidaire stacked washer dryer. Model FFLE1011MW2. The washer stays stuck in agitation mode when the pump turns on to drain. The pump works, the washer runs through its cycle but when it gets to the final spin it, it stays agitating and not spinning resulting in wet clothes and a small amount of standing water you can hear in the bottom of the drum if you manually spin the drum back and forth with your hand.

I was thinking maybe if the machine can be reset to factory default that may work? Ive checked the pump and it works. I’ve checked the drive belt and it’s good. It feels like an electrical issues or the timer is not working correctly and triggering that final spin out. Any help would be appreciated
Hi Jake, I greatly appreciate your assistance. I have two error codes E65 & E71. Trying to understand how E65 is related to the spin cycle. Any further directional help would be appreciated.
Hi Jake,
I’m embarrassed a little but not really. I have to admit the first test I did was on the dryer. I just put the washer in diagnostic mode. The error code was E21(water not pumping fast enough). I also put it in spin mode and it ran perfectly.
No worries.:)

Yes, E21 Water not pumping out fast enough. Did you find a clog in the drain pump causing this issue?

Lots of times I find stuff in the drain pump, like seeds, coins, pens, thus NOT making the drain motor run to pump the water out or cause a semi-clog in it and draining slow, I'd check for that first.

Here's the drain pump for your model:
Drain Pump 137221600

Here's the video to access/replace it: https://www.repairclinic.com/Repair...ront-Load-Washer-Leaking-Drain-Pump-137221600
The washer is spinning again! However, there was no presence of a clog. I ran a few diagnostic tests (#5,6,7) and cleared the error code. On the 7th load of laundry and so far so good.

Is it possible that the forced spin and drain cycle helped clear a possible clog ?

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