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FFLE3911QW Frigidaire Washer Winterizing


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Dec 28, 2008
malta ny
Model Number
1-5 years
Ive been working on this for over three years with Frigidaire. The manual instructions do not work. I get three beeps , then nothing. I was told by some online that you cannot run a cycle with the water off. They sent a tech the first year. I was not there to see what he did but was told " I didnt wait long enough" . Second try , same issue ! They suggested to call a service person, now out of warranty. I called the agency who came the first time. Records show he replaced the pump which was not true, he was there for just minutes. Pressed Frigidaire for answers. Got a call to just pour the RV fluid in, dont worry about draining. That has got me thru 2 more seasons and hopefully this one. Finally got instructions which sounds like a diagnostic mode sequence to run the pump but when I tried it this Fall, it was not for my model apparently. Now I am working with executive escalations who told me, in checking with the Factory Technician Dept, the model I have does not have a control board that relays that the water is not connected. They said to contact a service provider since my warranty has expired. ( the manual says if the washer does not start , make sure the water is on) .
Does anyone know if this machine does indeed have a system set up that will not allow me to drain the water from the tub because the water is off and will not run the cycle with the water off?