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FIXED FFSS2614QS6A Frigidaire Refrigerator - Location of defrost tube?


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Apr 20, 2020
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1-5 years
Hello Appliance Blog - I once owned a GE Profile SxS that iced up. I never could find the drain tube, so I
cracked ice for years. Here I am, confronted with the same situation, but with new fridge. Ice floe in drain
tray at bottom of vent in back of freezer overflows the lip and drips down to form frozen pool under bin.
I'm sure it's a common thing, and description of the solution seems so matter-of-fact, I shouldn't need
more advice. I'd love to repair this using my handy turkey-baster filled with warm water and baking soda,
but that's not the case. Some simple solve, anyone? Thanks ahead of time! TheProf

Starts at #62.
Goes through the cabinet.


Goes to #84.
Goes into the pan #26.

Thanks Jeff - Great schematic, joke too :>) (Me without my mask on, my wife agrees with yours.) I'd be damned if I could
get to that hose, or where it's attached. That's not clear from draft. From the back, I can see the black hose coming down
thru a hole, then I can trace it to where it goes over to the pan, opposite side of fridge. There is evidence of moisture right
where hose comes out of freezer, but I cannot access hose above that hole. Obviously I have an iced up drain hose.
Do I need to empty freezer, and rip apart the rear section of it to get to #62, as I presume the bottom of that box is where
the drain tube I need to ream out
Thanks again for the help - TheProf
Do I need to empty freezer, and rip apart the rear section of it to get to #62

Yes. Flush hot water down the drain to help flush out the drain. Defrosting the refrigerator so all the ice is gone first would probably be a good idea.

as I presume the bottom of that box is where the drain tube I need to ream out

Nope. That is where the water drips onto before going through the cabinet to the drain hose. It is where the drain system begins/starts.

Thanks so much. Just one final ? : Looking at part #62, it's not clear if there is access to the "begins/starts" of the drain tube.
In other words, I'm not sure where to direct the hot water to unblock that tube. Perhaps in schematic, it's to the bottom left
and out of view. (The "V" shaped line at bottom of #62 might denote that?) Other than that, I sure appreciate your time and
tips. Also, really like your "Buzzard"! Very grateful - Rick (TheProf)
The "V" shaped line at bottom of #62 might denote that?

Yes, followed by the hole you will find leading to the drain and drain hose.

An example:


Also, really like your "Buzzard"!

Our Rick here made a new one for me, but I couldn't get it to work.

Hey Jeff - Another great schematic! And I vote for that buzzard, he's kinda retro, even Mad magazine-ish. Emptied out freezer (ugh) and removed
panel, got to #62, and just as I thought: drain hole view in schematic is obscured by left wall of that box, but "V" points right to it. There was a good
inch of ice above drain hole, so, I cleared it all out, swabbed up the mess, and good to go. Hope it normalizes...........
Many thanks for drawings and advice. This fridge is an adventure ongoing. Have a great rest of summer! Rick (TheProf)
There was a good inch of ice above drain hole, so, I cleared it all out, swabbed up the mess, and good to go

I hope you flushed out the drain?...and heard water going down to the pan when you pour some onto the drip tray as a test?

Sorry for delay Jeff, I had a draft, must not have posted. I did NOT do deliberate flush process, but a lot of water
went down that drain, and I jammed a brush down the drain a ways. So far, so good, and now I'm fully
acquainted with the approach to fix it if it acts up again. I'll remember to fully flush in that case.
Thanks again for all of your help! Rick
Hi Jeff, I have the same fridge and I had a question about the drain line 84 that TheProf was clearing. Is it supposed to have an S-trap or a P-trap shape after it leaves 62? Mine had an S-trap shape, being held in place by clip *84, but the top part of the bend was so high that water never made it to the drip pan, and instead overflowed from the inlet. I unclipped part of the drain line to undo the bend, and water is making it to the drain pain now - it looks just like 84 does in the diagram you included above. Was this a mistake? Is there supposed to be an S-trap to keep cold air in and moist external air out?

Many original ones had a trap in them but opening or closing the door on the sealed cabinet caused air to push through the water and this made a farting or gurgling noise.....most people objected to t he noise. Frigidaire had us remove the original hose and install a straight piece of hose and we where supposed to clip the hose up to the underneath of the cabinet so it kinda/sorta made a trap. Many techs didn't bother with the clipping up step. If you don't have a trap, you either have had the replacement hose already installed or it was newer production done in the factory.

jeff sr.
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