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FFSS2614QS6A Water leak inside freezer


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Dec 31, 2011
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6-10 years
Hi and Happy Holidays! I noticed a sheet of ice at the bottom of my freezer. I'm trying to figure out where the leak is coming from and if it's something I can repair myself. I turned off the ice dispenser to see if it was coming from there. At first, there wasn't any leak and no ice sheet forming at the bottom throughout the day. But, after leaving it off overnight, there was an ice sheet again in the morning. I've attached a picture of where the leak seems to come from or passing through (that's the bottom of the freezer). There are no leaks outside the fridge/freezer as far as I can tell (no water on floor). Any ideas and help on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated as always.


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Behind the rear panel in the freezer is the evaporator (cooling) coil. It periodically frosts and then defrosts. That defrost water collects in the drain trough beneath the evaporator and then is funneled to the drain pan under the fridge to be evaporated. When that drain gets plugged the defrost water overflows the trough and ends up in the freezer bottom where it freezes.

SxS drain trough.jpg

That drain trough will need to be thawed and the drain hole cleared to allow defrost water to drain again.

If you're working on it with the doors open, turn the fridge off or unplug it during that time.

Dan O.
Hi Dan,

Would you know if there's a similar part like this heat probe for Whirlpool (819043) but for Frigidaire? If there is, do you recommend something like this to prevent a repetition of the freezing of the drain?

Thanks again.
Would you know if there's a similar part but for Frigidaire?

Yes. Either might be used.

LINK > Frigidaire Evaporator Heater Aluminum Strap

do you recommend something like this to prevent a repetition of the freezing of the drain?

Is this a repeating condition? You've dealt with it previously?

Such a heat sink is used as a last resort when the drain can't be cleared sufficiently to allow consistent draining. Cleaning the drain should be attempted first before altering the design of the fridge IMO. Adding it might not hurt but shouldn't be a substitute to a good cleaning. If it recurred after that then adding the heat sink might be tried.

I often suggest the use of compressed air from the bottom once thawed to blow any residual gunk out of the drain. Put a cloth over the opening in the freezer to catch anything ejected.

Dan O.
Hi Dan,

No, this is the first time this has happened. I'll do as you recommend and if it happens again, I'll try the heat probe.

Thanks again for the reply and help.
A side by side's drain is a lot shorter than a top freezer model's and can often be cleared out more easily. Don't try to poke anything stiff all the way through it as there will be some sort of goose neck in the drain system as well.

Dan O.

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