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FFTR1713LW Frigidaire freezer plastic melt


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Apr 16, 2022
Model Number
6-10 years
What could cause the burn at top and behind the refrigerant tube in the freezer?
Last night the fridge tripped the GFCI.
Tried another GFCI (possibly on the same circuit) and it tripped that too.
But when I tried a regular outlet for few minutes I started smelling burning rubber or plastic.
I opened the freezer up and saw this.
I am not sure if that burn is related to what happened last night or whether it was there from before.

I disconnected the defrost heater wire, thermostat wire and fan - fridge still tripped the GFCI.
I plugged the fridge into a regular outlet again with all these wires disconnected, the compressor works fine.
I plugged the fan back with the other wires disconnected, the fridge works fine, fan is working albeit without a defrost cycle.

Do you think the burn on top of the refrigerant tube is related to what happened?

thank you for your help


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Hello Jeff, thank you for your reply. missing digit is 2. FFTR1713LW2

I cannot make sense of what's shorted and what's not because I disconnected both and the CFCI still tripped - I'm puzzled by that.

I am thinking that because of the burnt rubber smell it is most likely the heater element gone bad.
I cannot make sense of what's shorted and what's not because

Meter test them both to the outer shell (body of the part) to make sure if they are shorted to ground.
If the heater was staying on, you would think we would see melted or damaged stuff down closer to the element.

jeff sr.

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