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FGES3065KFF Frigidaire Range won’t preheat correctly, but bake is ok


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Jun 20, 2021
South Carolina
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6-10 years
Our range doesn’t preheat correctly. The oven heats up and it beeps to indicate that it has preheated (and the digital indicator shows the right temperature), but if I cancel and set it to bake, then the oven is 100 degrees or so off. In bake mode, the oven will reach the right temperature. The bake temperature is correct, if have checked it with a calibrated thermocouple.
How can the preheat temp be wrong? Are there two different temperature sensors for preheat vs bake?
Here's the parts diagram for your model:

When did this start happening?

After it preheats in BAKE, take the oven temperature with your thermometer and see what it says. Then don't cancel BAKE and see if the temperature stays constant at the setpoint you set it at, example 350 degrees.

You only have one oven sensor that senses both the preheat and BAKE temperature.

Thanks for your reply. It’s been this way for a year or more. If the oven preheats in bake mode, the temperature is correct and stays pretty constant.
Ok, I'm confused, In your 1st post I thought you meant you already set it to BAKE and preheat always comes before the actual BAKE cycle begins.

So what PREHEAT are you referring too?

The oven has a preheat option and a bake option. Normally, you would use preheat because it is faster. When the oven completes the preheat (reaches the setpoint, e.g. 350), then it is technically in bake mode.
For our oven, if we use preheat, the oven heats up some and then beeps to indicate that it has reached the set point. In reality, the oven is at least 100F too cold. If we skip preheat and just use bake mode from the get go, then the oven will reach the set point correctly, albeit more slowly
That's very strange, I don't recall running into that problem before on any of my service calls.

Hopefully another tech that has on this model can shed some light on it.

I have a similar set of conditions. I have a Frigidaire FGMC3066UFA and set "Quick Preheat" which is 350deg by default. Set it and the audible tone is heard at 200deg every time. Looked over the manual and it says it should run until the desired setting of 350. No idea why this is occurring. If I use the "Bake" option, it preheats and audibles at the desired temp.
Yes Brent, I don't know why its doing that.

Hopefully a Rep from Frigidaire can come here and explain why its doing that.

I have the same issue. Though I've found that even though I can get the oven up to temperature on "bake" it will sometimes stop heating and I'll find that the oven is no longer holding the temperature.

I have tried replacing the control board, the thermostat, and the temperature sensor and it hasn't made a difference yet. I've ruled out the thermal switch (fuse) because I can always hit "off" and "bake" again and it starts heating again. I really am hoping that my heating element hasn't gone bad. Similar to the fuse, if the heating element is bad, why would I be able to just soft reset the oven and have it come back? I'm pretty lost on this issue. Any help?
I have the same problem with Frigidaire LGFE3045KFB. Preheat completion beeps and display reads 350*. But if I press bake and start, the temperature shows 213*. If I start cold and set to bake and press start, oven reaches 350* and is at 350*.
After the first preheat ends at 213*, I press cancel and start a second preheat, then it terminates at 350*. So from now on I will run two consecutive preheats to reach 350*.
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