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FGFL79DQE Frigidaire gas oven and broiler not lighting


Nov 11, 2022
Model Number
More than 10 years
FGFL79DQE Frigidaire gas oven and broiler not lighting -- not sure of approximate age, definitely over 6 years old

When issue first started, we smelled gas after trying to start the oven. Since then, when troubleshooting, no gas is being released and the oven is not lighting.

The oven igniter is turning on and glowing but never lights.

The broiler igniter is not turning on.

I removed both igniters and checked continuity with a probe multimeter -- they both show continuity. The broiler igniter registers 93 ohms and the oven igniter registers 222 ohms.

I think the broiler igniter is bad based on its appearance (?) - it shows signs of scorching (see attached photo).

The oven igniter seems to be working.

I checked the shutoff valve in the back of the oven and it is in the ON position.

Before I order a new broiler igniter I would like to know if an issue with the broiler igniter in my oven will keep the gas from flowing to the oven igniter as well?

Also is there any other troubleshooting I should do? Thank you very much!


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Dan O.

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Oct 9, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Just a resistance test of the ignitors doesn't mean a lot except if it was totally open which would indicate a definite failure.

The only meaningful test is the amperage draw on the ignitor circuit. Glowing but not opening the gas valve or igniting the gas quickly, is usually a sign of a 'weak' ignitor but an amperage test will tell for certain. The type of ignitors used in your oven should draw 3.2 - 3.6 amps. And yes, an ignitor can glow and still be defective.

How to Test an Ignitor
ignitor amperage 2.jpg

The ignitor having resistance but not glowing is likely something else (although the ignitor might additionally be defective). If the ignitor was responsible for it not glowing at all, it would have to have infinite resistance (ie. an open circuit).

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Dan O.
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