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FIXED FGHB2844LF5 Frigidaire -- Fluctuating Freezer Temperature


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Dec 11, 2017
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My Frigidaire refridgerator has had a number of problems (mostly related to the ice maker) in the two years that we have owned our house, but the freezer temperature has been very stable until recently. Over the past few days, the freezer has been fluctuating in temperature and I’m wondering if there are any suggestions on what to troubleshoot. It is set to 0 deg, but it went up to 11 degrees yesterday and stayed at 11 degrees overnight. When I returned from work, the freezer was at 9 degrees and an hour later it was back down to 0. An hour after that, it’s now at 11 degrees again. And yes, the freezer door is fully closed and making a good seal.

I’ve previously replaced the control board about 3 months ago, and cleaned out the freezer drain line when that got clogged about 2 months ago.

Any ideas what could be causing the temperature swing? Thanks in advance.

You'll need to ohm test your freezer thermistor with a multimeter.

Remove the thermistor from the freezer, then Place the thermistor is a small glass and fill it with crushed ice. Add enough water to cover the thermistor, then wait at least 5 minutes before ohm testing it. This should bring the temperature of the thermistor very close to 32*F.

At 33*F the thermistor should measure 31,658 ohms. At 32*F the thermistor should measure 32,566 ohms (+ or - 2%). Your thermistor should be between 31.6K and 32.5K ohms.

Here's the freezer thermistor for your model you can order, if yours ohm tests bad:
Thermistor 240597203

Here's the video to access/replace it:

Let us know what you find.

Thanks, Jake! It took a while for the thermistor to stabilize, but it ended up at 31.4 kOhm in the test. Not too bad, but it's a cheap part, so I ordered it anyways. I installed the new thermistor last week and wanted to give it some time since the old one might keep the temperature for a few days and then start fluctuating. Anyways, it's been roughly a week with the new thermistor and it's been staying right at the set temperature!

I'm a little frustrated with how many issues I've been having with this fridge, but I'm very grateful for all your help, Jake!
Excellent, glad to hear the new thermistor fixed it.:)

Thanks for the update!

I'm a little frustrated with how many issues I've been having with this fridge
I hear you there! Many other folks feel the same way.


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