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FGHB2868TF2 Frigidaire Refrigerator upper freezer ice stuck


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Jun 1, 2023
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1-5 years
My Frigidaire ice maker, located in the upper left section of fridge, is producing ice. But the ice is not solid when dropped in ice bucket and finally freezes and clumps together. This in return does not allow the ice to dispense. I have lowered the fridge temp to close to freezing and has not resolved the issue. I have to dump the ice at least once a day to allow the ice to dispense.


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Hi, look for your tech. data sheet underneath the bottom lower kickplate grille or underneath the right side upper door hinge cover.

Then, You can run the ICE MAKER DIAGNOSTIC MODE tests and see if the tray rotates.

If the temperature in the ice maker compartment is 10 F degrees or lower at all times the ice maker tray should dump the ice, if not its usually a bad ice maker itself causing this problem.

Here's the ice maker for your model: Ice Maker 243297613

Here's the video that shows you how to replace it:

Let us know what you find.
Thank you for your feedback. I was astonished to see the data sheet right where you said.

The ice seems to dump just fine though. The problem is that once the ice is in the bucket the ice seems to be not completely frozen and a little wet, so then they all clump together binding around the spool and locking it up not allowing any ice to be dispensed. I mean, I have to pull the bucket out at least once a day and almost always half the bucket it one solid piece of ice.
Ok, Do you hear the ice maker fan running?

Look for the ice maker fan TEST and see if it runs.

Here it is(Video Included):
Cooling Fan 5304493604
Ok. That test passed as well.
Although there is new info. When I last emptied the ice bucket, due to it being frozen over like the ice age, I noticed water dripping from the twist tray after just dumping ice into the bucket and dripping into the bucket.
What can be the cause of that?
Possibly the ice maker is overfilling with water itself, or the water inlet valve not shutting off all the way. Turn the ice maker off overnight and see if water still drips in the tray.

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